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The significance of subjective knowledge has varied depending on the behavior being analyzed.
For the study, the researchers presented participants with a series of pictures and tastes during functional neuroimaging, and then analyzed participants' ratings of their subjective experiences along with their brain activation patterns.
A new study by the Cornell University neuroscientist Adam Anderson reports that though feelings are personal and subjective, the brain turns emotions into objective codes and represents them across different senses, situations and people.
He feels that too much uniformity is being forced on students, and that they should know there is only subjective truth in terms of existence.
A study of 2,319 elderly patients with no dementia at baseline and no mild cognitive impairment (MCI) showed that patients who reported subjective memory impairment (SMI) had a significantly greater decline than control subjects in episodic memory (immediate and delayed recall), and that patients with SMI with self-reported concerns about memory had a greater slope of decline, reported Alexander Koppara, a PhD candidate at the Universitatsklinikum Bonn in Germany.
The study analyzed 150,048 individuals from 142 countries to examine relationships between optimism, subjective well-being, perceived health, and hopes for the future.
Subjective value relates negatively to illiquidity and idiosyncratic risk, and positively to sentiment in all specifications, consistent with the offsetting roles of sentiment and risk aversion.
Should the proposal be accepted, the maximum subjective loudness of advertisements will be consistent and in line with the maximum loudness of programs and junction material.
3) On this view, one can have non-coextensive objective and subjective moral obligations.
METHODS: One hundred twenty patients consulted for subjective tinnitus.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --To celebrate Earth Day 2012, the Institute of Subjective Well-Being makes "A course in happiness" available as a free Amazon Kindle book on http://www.
Moyar contrasts Hegel's 'conscience' with the private subjective feeling or intuiting of moral truths--Hegel's individual 'Reason'--that we usually understand by it.