subjective belief

See: credence
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In the case of enterprise mobility, it is the user's subjective belief that using a specific application or system will increase his or her job performance.
Instead of condemning the myriad unconstitutional police practices uncovered in the report, practices embedded in many other municipalities across this country, many have latched on to the finding that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson's actions in shooting down teenager Michael Brown "do not constitute a prosecutable violation'' and that there "is no evidence upon which prosecutors can rely to disprove Wilson's stated subjective belief that he feared for his safety.
Florida's Stand Your Ground law allows persons who believe they are in imminent danger of serious bodily injury to use deadly force to defend themselves, even if, despite their subjective belief, no real threat exists.
36) A successful claim under [section] 1589 requires an individual, or each individual in a group, to prove not only that they possessed a reasonable subjective belief that they did not have a choice but to offer their labor, but also that they never consented to the transportation or employment in the first place.
However, I present evidence that double major respondents are similar to single major respondents: Their subjective belief distributions for most outcomes are similar to the corresponding distributions of single major respondents, and the two groups of students have similar preferences for the various outcomes.
This question is all the more fascinating because the idea of defining probability as a measure of subjective belief is not new.
This refers to the subjective belief that a person has with respect to acquiring a disease or reaching a harmful state as a result of indulging in a particular behavior.
Laura Fine, a Eugene attorney who represented Van Ornum at trial this year and is helping to represent the UO student from China, said she believes the police department has wrongly justified the use of Tasers in the past based on an officer's subjective belief.
As long as the employee has a subjective belief [fraud occurred] that is objectively reasonable, they can state a claim and survive summary judgment.
While I agree that it's patently absurd to ban anyone from wearing a symbol of a purely personal and subjective belief system (about as absurd as banning the wearing of tracksuits as the belief they look attractive offends middle class sensibilities, or banning breast implants as offensive to feminists), I have had to smile at the idea that Christians are any more natural an inhabitant of Britain than those who have chosen to live in our country more recently.
1998), the Tax Court found the taxpayer's subjective belief inadequate to sustain the claim and noted that the taxpayer never contacted a bankruptcy attorney to ascertain his chances for a recovery.