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There is a main hypothesis in this study that is: there is not meaningful relationship between subjectivity of firms and their performance among accepted firms in stock of valuable papers in Tehran.
2) Despite being nominally tied to a historical moment and a geographical region, "the Enlightenment subject" appears as an unchanging configuration of subjectivity which endures today exactly as it was in its initial formulation some three centuries ago.
According to Bax, this captures the nature of human subjectivity better than the way Cartesianism does, since W's account gives a more balanced treatment of the relation between inner and outer, or self and other, than the Cartesian one-sided treatment, which overemphasizes only one aspect of the human subject, namely, the mental aspect (the mind).
The wide array of theoretical frameworks used might assist in digging deeply into the complexity of self and subjectivity, the other, and the role of the conscious and unconscious.
This confirms that the use of multiple performance dimensions are used and that financial and non-financial measures are systematically combined with a good dose of subjectivity.
So, for Descartes, subjectivity is an autonomous state.
Feminist scholars have long contested versions of subjectivity grounded in assumptions of the instrumentality of the body, where the mind is given preeminence and understood to act as sovereign over the body.
Reviewing Dussel's paradigm of Eurocentric modernity, Hogue emphasizes that Eurocentric modern subjectivity has reinforced, throughout the history of Western civilization, the logic of otherization--in other words, the logic of binary oppositions, of repressing, excluding, objectifying, and under-representing the Other, or of "patriarchy, compulsory heterosexuality, capitalism, Christianity, and colonialism" (17).
In the face of this dynamic, the character of Egolactante effects a small-scale subversion, an act of micropolitics--turning its back on received models of subjectivity and beginning a long journey alone.
In the book's second major section, "The Subject in Theory," Renov considers various theories of subjectivity in relationship to documentary theory.
There are other things to be said about the emergence of subjectivity in the madrigal: for example, the very phrase appears in the title of a recent article by Mauro Calcagno that focuses on an early composer of madrigals, Jacques Arcadelt (in Pensieri per un maestro: Studi in onore di Pierluigi Petrobelli, ed.
In chapter four, Wright moves from an examination of the dialectic to the dialogic nature of Black subjectivity.