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Donaldo Macedo argues that white 'Freirean' teachers and others who promote a radical leftist stance also subjugate their bicultural/bilingual students by supposedly giving them voice as long as the discourse is controlled by the colonizer.
He is seen by the radical Left as the vanguard of an invasion of hateful Europeans who in their greed and racism couldn't wait to wipe out or subjugate the noble savages of the New World.
l IT is increasingly obvious that the written law authorises those in power to subjugate people and lay claim to land and property they have taken by cunning and or force from others.
The beings there obviously stand in for modernist strictures and dictatorial art critics; in this show, Polke connects that Omniscient, superior voice to the guns and rockets appearing from nowhere to subjugate Native Americans and Afghanis, respectively.
Especially appalled when he learns that genital mutilation is now being used to subjugate women, he joins with his mother, sister and half-sister Breanna to help save the Old Places.
Race, Religion & Racism, Volume 2: Perverting the Gospel to Subjugate a People by Dr.
He would have been much wiser to order MacArthur to stop right where he was, to restore the status quo before the North's invasion of the South, and not to try to subjugate all of Korea.
TEHRAN (FNA)- American commentator Mike Harris said Israel is using Saudi Arabia as its surrogate to subjugate the Yemeni people as part of a larger plan to dominate the whole Middle East, warning that proof and evidence shows that the Saudis are using "nuclear bombs" against the civilian population in Yemen.
Totalitarion regimes often subjugate free expression and usurp the arts".
The truth is if the huge German war machine had not turned east towards Russia and used so much of its resources in trying to subjugate the Russians, be assured that this country even with the Royal Air Force, would have been invaded within three weeks of the Germans deciding to move over the Channel.
And all this is in the name of fundamentalist dogmatism, behind which lurks the age-old paternalistic drive to dominate, subjugate, oppress, downgrade, and silence women.