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Nobody can humiliate or subjugate the Yemeni people, the Ansarullah leader said.
But his singular claim to fame lies in the manner in which he went on to subjugate those he led to freedom.
To walk through this show assuming that in every piece Kruger herself simply lectures her audience is a mistake; what she does is m ediate, cranking the volume on various often unspoken transactions that shape, subjugate, and splinter personal and public behavior.
First is the increasingly common but untenable characterization of the medieval period, beginning with Lynn White's troubling misreading of the Genesis injunction in 1:28 to "replenish the earth, and subdue it," as being responsible for the notion that people have a divine brief to subjugate and despoil nature rather than act in due humility as stewards over it.
Though with less rigor than Michael Ignatieff's new book, The Warrior's Honor, Chang recognizes that modern ethnic cleansing is grassroots tyranny gone national; the problem is less "the state" per se than a certain social type who seizes the state's institutions, most of all its military, as a means to subjugate groups of outsider status.
The militants wanted to threat and taunt the government but they cannot subjugate the government because government is not afraid of their coward terror activities.
Al-Mahdi challenged the government line in the stand-off with the UN Security Council, which is that it supports the May peace accord but UN forces in Darfur would constitute a 'colonialist' attempt to subjugate the country.
The contempt with which the peasants were regarded became a reason to subjugate and mistreat them.
His self-proclaimed Minimalist "failure" is most poignant in the case of Fred Sandback: "[He] can transfix and subjugate me with a length of twine strung across a corner of a room, but I have not found a way to write about the experience.
His main concern was to subjugate foreign countries permanently (whether they be Greece, Serbia, Albania, Hungary, Rumania, Venice or Italy) and govern them and divide his territories among his trusted warriors, and, theoretically believing that there was no fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity, reconcile the two religions and so be enabled to rule over all nations professing either faith.