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25mg/kg body weight and further the acute toxicity was determined with sublethal doses in normal mice.
We exposed zebrafish embryos to a sublethal dose of Pb and analyzed global transcriptional alterations at two developmental time points.
While most research on sublethal doses of pesticides has concentrated on economically-important insects (Haynes 1988), few studies have assayed the effects on this aspect of spider biology.
The effect of age at exposure to a sublethal dose of fast neutrons on tumorigenesis in the male rat.
Mice were treated IP with a high, sublethal dose of PbTx-3 (180 [micro]g/kg bw), and blood was collected at 0.
Blood from treated mice was tested for the presence of brevetoxin at different times following exposure to a sublethal dose (180 [micro]g/kg PbTx-3).
Other results showed that spinosad has sublethal doses that affect the brain of Oreochromis niloticus [28].
Effects of sublethal doses of acetamiprid and thiamethoxam on the behavior of honey bees (Apis mellifera).