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Essa passagem de Longino, de alguma maneira, ja antecipa a conotacao que o sublime adquirira modernamente--em ambiente idealista, a arte do sublime prestar-se-a a tentativa de plasmacao de uma realidade para alem dos limites da compreensao imediata.
est surement et vraiment sublime ce qui plait toujours et a tous ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
In the first chapter, "Au-dela du beau: le sublime et le grotesque," the volume's editor defines--without limiting--the scope of the question being asked by studying, in some depth, what the two notions mean for Kant and Baudelaire.
Ritchie Robertson's elegant, lucid essay on Friedrich Schiller's theory and praxis of the sublime inaugurates the University of Jena's 450-year-anniversary series Lichtblicke.
Nestl today launched KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby - a crispy wafer bar coated with the worlds first Ruby chocolate.
Asi, en el prefacio al libro colectivo Du Sublime, Jean Luc Nancy afirmaba que "la cuestion de lo sublime nos es transmitida en tanto que cuestion de la presentacion" (8).
Gonzalez' seascapes provide an array of seascapes where the waves, the wind and light create a dazzling vista, conveying both the ideals of the romantic and the awe and spiritual experience of the sublime.
and Long Beach reggae rockers Sublime have announced that Sublime Mexican Lager is now available in six-packs of 12-oz.
Sublime Galleria and Taj West End present 'Elite Strokes', a collection of paintings capturing the essence of natural beauty and human interactions.
8 -- Portronics has launched a portable Bluetooth speaker called the Sublime III.
Its current moniker comes from an engraving found in the building that reads, "This house is sublime.
com)-- Young and talented, 9-year old Alayna Zaid is all set to showcase her collection of artworks titled "Imaginarium" at Sublime Galleria, UB City.