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Another important point is the sublunary (atmospheric or 'Meteorological', in the historical sense) phenomena such as comets, shooting stars, and so on.
In this passage, Ptolemy asserts that the faculty of thought is more valuable and more divine than the other faculties of the human soul, just as the heavens are divine and more valuable than the sublunary realm.
In addition, in some works, such as Ihya', al-Ghazali presents the universe as a complex hierarchy of causes and effects, in which the heavens play an important role as governors of the sublunary world.
If he disbelieved in divine providence in the sublunary sphere, he could not have believed in the Iliad literally.
First of all, celestial things are simple in that they are not composite, and, second, they are made of a unique simple substance called aether (athir), which, unlike the four sublunary elements, is eternal and changeless in the sense that it is neither generated nor destructible (la yagbal al-kawn wa al fasad).
The language of the lines quoted by Spencer pulls against the seemingly metaphysical stance of the passage as a whole: the concluding emphasis on the word "frame" highlights the physical dimension of the speaker's hypothetical progress, and the empiricist reference to "experience" implies that development, both psychological and physiological, is directed by interaction with the sublunary world.
23) But if we keep in mind that Aristotle is deliberately creating his special material cause out of the preexisting elements, and that (in spite of what Aristotle sometimes leads us to think in the opening chapters) (24) the exhalations do not entirely fill the sublunary world, we can see that Aristotle wanted to mark off this material as different from, though causally related to, the four basic pure elements.
The topics include justice, presence, and legitimacy in Measure for Measure; Donne and the state of exception; journey and ambassadorship in the marriage literature for Mary Tudor (1496-1533); and the ars longa trope in a sublunary world.
The Good Person of Szetchwan embodies as its central message the realist's perennial rejoinder to uncompromising idealism: that it is irremediably at odds with the realities of sublunary human existence.
This includes Japanese mangaka Sharin Yamano's hugely popular Kenkanryu (variously translated as "The Anti-Korean Wave," "Hating the Korean Wave," or even "Hate Korea Wave") series of comic books, except that here the technology involved only repeats in cyberspace what is its most ancient, sublunary form.
We'd had a long tradition of contests in our honors newsletter, Sublunary Life: why chocolate is better than sex (good chocolate is easy to find; you don't have to feel guilty for imagining your Eskimo Pie is a Dove Bar) and excuses for late papers (my girlfriend thought it was just a draft, so she scalloped the edges and used it for cupcake liners; my paper, "A Critique of the Mullahs," was all done, but I heard that you sometimes read papers aloud in class the day they're due, so I decided to wait for a few days).
Indeed Lady Constantine might even consider herself a 'New Woman', as well as a vigorous modern equivalent of the ancient seers and sun-worshippers who stood on more basic temple-towers, mediating between the heavenly and sublunary realm.