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The wording here is significant, implying an inversion of the "swords-into-ploughshares" prescription: here, the ploughshare is renounced for the sublunary state where, ostensibly, swords hold sway.
Astronomical observers make out individual stars in a constellation with more or less difficulty, and those equipped with especially acute vision--tested, of course, in sublunary situations--just make out a pattern of distinguishable stars where others see a blur; armed with the telescope, both types of observers see the pattern clearly and without strain.
Unleashing the ties to the preordained meaning of his one-time iniquity, the descendant of the Vice turns his sardonic sense of sublunary relations to (another pun) the sexually charged praise for an accurate shot.
Aristotle had stated that the sublunary world consisted of earth, air, fire, and water, while the celestial world consisted of the fifth element, ether, whose primary inherent characteristic is its eternal circular motion--hence no further explanation of celestial motion was necessary.
Powerful and poetically beautiful, such love is nevertheless constituted by a sort of blindness unlike the ordinary blindness of dull sublunary lovers' love.
Any belief in two worlds discloses a wretched submission to the orthodox powers of the sublunary sphere.
The self's tellings were another moon haunting its own sublunary.
It was pleasing too to think that perhaps on the very anniversary of the rustic Annunciation of the birth at Vikstol, we had travelled the route of the messenger, perhaps Siri's father, John Olsen Vikstol himself, hurrying to Haatveit, claiming help under the seal of bedlag, and back again with the man of the house, over these treacherous ways, anxious that already a week had passed in which the unbaptized soul of the first-born of the house lay exposed to sublunary peril.
As experienced by Denis Stone, the English countryside is little more than a sublunary province of the vast, 'bent' universe of relativity.
Granted that phantasia is of some use to the philosopher in his sublunary condition, since neither God nor common things can be apprehended without it, it is none the less a faculty that the freed soul leaves behind in her ascent.
I could honor the conviction of certain professors that the Muse of Scholarship brooks no sublunary rivals.
On a microscopic level Reeve discusses animal reproduction in the sublunary realm, and on a macroscopic level he describes celestial animals and the universe as a whole.