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Frustrated at the cost and time eaten up by the problem, he devised a submergible cage that can be sunk in the fall before ice forms and brought back to the surface in the spring.
The SOLAR HYBRID's waterproof body, resistant to water sprays from all directions and submergible to depths up to one meter (IPX5*/IPX7**), enables safe, carefree enjoyment of mobile communication and entertainment in the bath, kitchen, beach, rain or other environments where water is present.
Fire, police and ambulance bosses will be at Blackroot Pool to see the team rescue a submergible manequin.
Eric Poitevint, who has lived on the 25000 block of Wiley Canyon Road for 19 years, rushed out early Tuesday to rent a submergible pump and an extra-long hose - which he ran through his house - to try to tackle the muddy lake that had been his back yard the day before.
It consists of a five-horse submergible REDA pump in a pond below the yard, two-inch pipe to carry the water to a control box just behind the house and some used fire hose.
A submergible craft, called ''Whale 50,'' moves forward extending a mechanical hand.
Some distinguishing KFD features include a submergible, wireless sensor head and calibration-free operation.