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Bad: thus doth it call all that is spirit-broken, and sordidly-servile-- constrained, blinking eyes, depressed hearts, and the false submissive style, which kisseth with broad cowardly lips.
Somewhat reassured by her account of the service she was required to render, Mrs Jiniwin made her appearance in a flannel dressing-gown; and both mother and daughter, trembling with terror and cold--for the night was now far advanced--obeyed Mr Quilp's directions in submissive silence.
Although some participants (both submissive and dominant) clearly expressed a benefit of escaping their daily role, interviewees also described being able to be themselves in a different context, to be more of themselves, or to express different aspects of themselves.
The second group is comprised of countries that are not submissive but should be tolerated.
Sophie wants readers to realise that being a Submissive doesn't mean she's some kind of deviant.
Grateful for the torture, I was born submissive, planted on the side of
Finally, we do not teach that women should be submissive to men, but that wives should be submissive to their husbands (it is a fine distinction, but a reasonable one).
The prosecution said the 32-year-old victim's submissive behaviour during the attack is evidence that he was used to abuse and had been subjected to an ongoing campaign of violence.
The escapees underlined the discontent among the population held captive in the camps over the actions of the polisario, "who are completely submissive to the instructions of Algeria's leaders.
There are seven models to choose from, with a submissive jake as the prime magnet and focal point.
SONS WITH ULCERS HAVE DOMINANT MOTHERS--Men who get duodenal ulcers early in life tend to have dominant mothers and submissive fathers.
30pm) Terri realises the operators are too submissive and sets out to give them a course in self-confidence.