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Waltzing males broke off their display when approached and reacted either aggressively or submissively towards intruders.
Others wait submissively to be asked direct questions to which they can give carefully rehearsed answers, oblivious to the silences that are actually invitations to take a more proactive role in the conversation.
So, we should not let others kill our dreams and change our personhood; rather we should own a voice, not submissively bend to all the pressure placed on us and "reach high, for stars lie hidden in [our] soul.
My eyes fell upon a single sentence in the first chapter: "Young girls slowly bury their childhood, put away their independent and imperious selves, and submissively enter adult existence.
Ruler, father, husband, and older brother command absolute authority over subject, son, wife, and younger brother who, in return for their superior's love and care, must act respectfully and submissively as required by their subordinated role.
A Muslim should be happy twice; the first while ending his devout fasting while the second will be later when meeting Almighty Allah to be compensated for sincerely observing this worship (fasting), and submissively surrendering to His will and instruction.
Shame to every Christian Nicosian who, by their indifference, submissively allowed their mayor, Constantinios Yiorkadjis to self authorise the gay march and in their name condone it.
What bug indeed is it that has bitten the people's elected hierarchs that they are behaving so meekly and submissively in dealing with a monstrosity that inescapably requires to be shown the state's stern face and long arm of the law?
For them, no interpretation is the best interpretation, and Hayy in fact recommends to Salaman that they should hold fast to their observances "regulating outward behaviour and not delve into things that did not concern them, submissively to accept all the most problematical elements of the tradition and shun originality and innovation".
As for the second, he came submissively because he had killed so I didn't want to drive him to despair.
He's kinetic which means he responds if people stand in front of him and move - they can pat him for example (or the air in front of him) and he'll lie down submissively or bark at you.
The big bear immediately dropped Jug and submissively laid down while Jug beat a prudent retreat to the trailer.