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The way in which the amount of the deposit is determined would depend upon: a) how concerned the agency is with compliance; b) whether the agency will count on forfeited deposits to fund recycling programs; or c) whether the agency only intends to offer an incentive for contractors to submit a final waste management report upon completion.
The membership of the MPs could be suspended if fail to submit their account details by Saturday evening, he warned.
However, if the employee furnished the employer with a new Form W-4 chiming a complete exemption from withholding or more exemptions than stated in the IRS's request, the employee had to submit a written statement to the employer, along with the new Form W-4, stating the reasons for the exemption(s).
The preferred way to submit an SF 368 is online at:
When counties that submit few animals for rabies testing are surrounded by counties with high numbers of submissions, underreporting is suspected.
Those providers still using paper - approximately 10% of 273 nursing facilities and intermediate-care facilities for the mentally retarded - must submit claims monthly.
Perhaps even more important, the quality and accuracy of the information submitted will likely be enhanced by according employers an additional month to prepare, verify, and submit their Forms VA-6.
Jones said these entities now have to get the local government jurisdiction that issues bonds for them to submit a request.
Despite Data Bank costs that are four times higher than in the Unisys contract (see below), an executive of one of the largest malpractice insurance companies said that in 1992 there continue to be "rather frequent" data entry or keying errors in the many malpractice reports they submit to the Data Bank.
We intend to submit FY05 data via a similar process until each contract writing system completes its transition to the machine-to-machine environment.
Beginning this month, authors will be able to submit manuscripts to EHP over the Internet.
If the taxpayer does not submit such information within a reasonable time, the Service may return the offer.