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TM) technology to mobile workforces in construction, site management and property management through Melard's suite of rugged and semi-rugged notebooks and subnotebooks.
This Dominic Sena ("Gone in 60 Seconds") directed, Joel Silver ("The Matrix") produced, blockbuster also enlists the help of leading actress Halle Berry alongside Melard's SCOUT2 subnotebook and SIDEARM handheld computer.
Designed for use with laptop, notebook and subnotebook computers, the lightweight MDH-10 MD DATA drive has an industry-standard SCSI-2 interface.
The Enduro, in combination with our hand-held SIDEARM(TM), SCOUT2(TM) subnotebook and Enduro LE(TM), enables Melard to meet any customer need with the industry's most comprehensive breadth of rugged, mobile and wireless data systems.
Nasdaq: ZEOS) announced today the availability of an active matrix color display, in addition to the previously available monochrome and passive matrix color displays, for the revolutionary ZEOS Meridian(TM) 400 subnotebook.
The SCOUT2, a rugged, wireless subnotebook computer with increased processing power, an expanded hard drive and a touch-pad pointing device, adds this display with no compromise to battery life--which typically lasts a full eight hour day on a single charge.
Headquartered in Costa Mesa, the company's product lines include Bubble Jet and laser printers, scanners, desktop PCs, notebook and subnotebook computers as well as the unique integrated notebook/printer product, the NoteJet.
The retailer couples next-generation products-ultralight performance notebooks, subnotebooks, slimtops, PDAs, phones, and other gadgets-with premium customer service, including lifetime toll-free tech support and 1-year FedEx rescue service.
Enter the world of subnotebooks, which are so compact they even run on a slimmed-down Windows operating system called CE.
New Features Include Command Line Client and Support for Popular Subnotebooks with Small Screen Resolution