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Second, he presents a 10-step subordinate counseling session structure.
Yet Rick's situation involves not lack of authority or expertise--they are adequately trained, have the necessary skills, and he wants them to take ownership--but lack of willingness on the part of subordinates to accept the level of empowerment offered by their manager.
Even when they find a subordinate to be dislikable, physician executives do not appear to become overly forceful in the way they communicate to persuade the subordinate.
The intentionally subjective questions are designed to discern how the subordinate perceives the supervisor.
20] The goals of the study reported in Part I and in this study were the same, except that the target of influence in the present investigation is a subordinate instead of a superior.
Proceeds from both senior and subordinate bonds are made to local governments throughout the state of New Mexico, many of which are small and do not have public credit ratings.
Fitch assigns ratings to the new issuance of tax-exempt senior series 2006-A-1 and 2006-A-2 bonds and the tax-exempt subordinate series 2006-B-1 bonds and confirms ratings on the previously issued bonds and notes as listed above.
Also assuming no sales tax growth, current annual debt service coverage of senior and subordinate bonds is projected to range from a low of 1.
80 subordinate series 2006B turbo capital appreciation bonds due June 1, 2046 'BBB-'
The purposeful draw on both the senior and subordinate lien debt service reserve fund stemmed primarily from management's attempt to garner control over excess funds released over time from the subordinate debt service reserve account.
20% Series B-2 Subordinate Cumulative Preferred Shares ("Series B-2 Subordinate Preferred Shares"), respectively.
Advances under the subordinate facility will be in the form of either base rate loans or Eurodollar loans.