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In other words, our subordinates have to feel they know us well enough that they can present an idea or opinion in such a way that we will listen.
If everyone shares those same values, couldn't Rick expect his subordinates to be more participative in a meaningful way?
According to Rubin, managing subordinates is one of the most singular responsibilities of physician executives.
One useful way to study how physician executives go about influencing their subordinates would be to examine their communication behaviors.
If, for some reason, a subordinate chooses not to rate a supervisor, feasibly a blank form could be submitted, but this has never occurred in Union Gap.
Hence, it appears that physician executives are not as inclined to involve other organizational members in influencing a subordinate they do not like compared to a superior they do not like.
The remainder is transferred to the subordinate trustee, the Huntington National Bank, to satisfy the bond fund requirements of the subordinate lien indenture.
20,965,835 subordinate series 2006A due June 1, 2046 'BBB';
Investment grade ratings on the authority's senior and subordinate bonds continue to be warranted by Harrisburg International Airport's (the airport's) highly origination & destination oriented traffic base and economically diversified service area, home to the state capital of Pennsylvania, which provides for a base level of airport traffic, albeit small, over time.
The Subordinate Credit Agreement includes usual and customary affirmative covenants for credit facilities of this type and size, as well as customary negative covenants, including, among others, limitations on liens, hedging, mergers, asset sales or dispositions, payments of dividends, incurrence of additional indebtedness, etc.
27,000,000 class B-FL floating-rate subordinate notes upgraded to 'AAA' from 'AA';
The 'AAA' rating for the EFC MFI senior and subordinate lien SRF bonds is based on substantial reserves, which currently total $845 million, or 37% of senior and subordinate lien MFI bonds, and the diversification and credit quality of the loan pool, which includes approximately 320 participants.