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TABLE 1 MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL COLLECTIVE CRITICISM Horizontal Vertical (Initial) target of Various arguments A single argument criticism in a complex (whether stand- argumentation alone or as part of structure a complex structure) Mode of criticism Extensive: Intensive: A set of varying A set of objections increasingly independently specific objections raised by various raised by various antagonists from antagonists possibly following one disconnected or another in a even contradictory consistent sequence positions Mode of defense Any kind of complex A subordinative (possible end argumentation (chained) structure result) structure that that responds step- expands along the by-step to the varied lines of criticisms' criticism drilling down on a single claim
Perhaps there are some racial classifications in 2005 that do not automatically carry the same subordinative meaning, and thus do not rise to the level of unconstitutionality.
For a detailed study of the nature of Kant's logic as subordinative rather than subsumptive Coy contrast with Wolff), see Beatrice Longuenesse, Le Pouvoir de juger (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1993); and for a study showing this to have been a feature common to the thought of the major philosophers of the seventeenth century, see Jean-Claude Pariente, L'Analyse du langage a Port-Royal.
And he asks whether technological change will make "a society without submissive striving, without subordinative effort.
In Ong's language, he must supplant the additive with the subordinative, imposing a continuity and progression toward thematic resolution.
To use an openly subordinative strategy (S1) effectively, the physician executive should not be concerned with achieving substantive outcomes.