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Because companies may be able to take a therapeutic indicated for a general population and demonstrate that it works for a subpopulation with a particular genotype, they may be able to file for patents concerning the treatment of the subpopulation.
New ways of separating cells during study enable scientists to sort through thousands at once, distinguishing subpopulations and studying multiple traits in just one go.
Each map function in MRDEAF is responsible for evolution of one subpopulation for a given number of generations.
Furthermore, such intensive sequences of surveys within these focal areas where they have historically been found in Indiana can be used to construct a history of when each subpopulation occurred which could be used to develop estimates of the probability or persistence of Indiana's population.
Moreover, all polymorphic loci in the larger subpopulation (A) and one in the smaller subpopulation (B) were significantly deficient in expected numbers of heterozygotes.
analyzed the patterns of leaf production of each subpopulation.
Lethal predators, a small group of killers, form a relatively homogeneous subpopulation of criminals who are cruel, predatory, violent, and likely to kill again if released from criminal or civil incarceration, regardless of the length of their confinement.
The box titled "APIs in California, 2000 Census" presents the distribution of APIs by subpopulation.
Each processor runs a sequential GA on their own subpopulation and interacts exchanging chromosomes.
In the case of Gencaro, in this review of study data, adrenergic receptor combinatorial pharmacogenetics appear to identify a substantial subpopulation of patients in the study, approximately 45-50% of the total, in which responses appear to exceed outcomes reported for other studies with other beta-blockers in U.
Topline Results in Poor Prognosis Subpopulation Expected by End of Year
In subpopulation A, 75 isolates had wild-type QRDR sequences, whereas 2 isolates had a gyrB mutation at codon 465 leading to amino acid substitution Gln to Leu.