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equitable right of the insurer to subrogate in personal injury suits or
The issue of subrogation is not quite so clear because of the long-recognized principle of insurance law that an insurer cannot subrogate against one of its own insureds.
The Baugh-Belarde court also reasoned that allowing the builders' risk insurers to subrogate against contractors would require contractors to carry their own insurance, and that these premiums would then be passed on to the owner of the project, thus increasing the over-all cost of construction.
o Social considerations - The contract winner has the obligation to subrogate himself in the contracts of the workers of the company that ceases to provide the service in all cases, having to respect the economic rights that they had recognized.
The legal representative of a company which is declared bankrupt shall subrogate the company in every matter in which the law requires the opinion of the bankrupt or his presence.
And while permissive users of privately owned airplanes are usually automatically included under the aircraft liability coverage, insurers will frequently subrogate to recover the cost of physical damage.
United Preference for both Preference for States DB and DC plans wages up to 90 up to 90 days back days back with with combined cap combined cap with wages with pensions (though wages outrank pensions) Country Guarantee Guarantee Subrogate Pensions Wages 1.
The VA can also subrogate in cases that result from a motor vehicle accident in any state that requires the owners or operators of motor vehicles registered in that state to have enforced automobile accident reparations insurance.
could hit the ground running in its efforts to subrogate claims, because the carrier didn't have to invest in any technology due to the nature of ASP.
The trustee correctly claimed that X's property was property of the bankruptcy estate, because the trustee could subrogate to the rights of [C.
Specifically, at the time of the default, the Coast Guard had already paid the money and thus did not owe it; the surety therefore could not successfully subrogate to the contractor's non-existent claim.