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The subsequence is said to be qualified subsequence if its support count is greater than or equal to the minimum support count.
2,n], and let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] be a filtered subsequence of [([t.
n] [subset or equal to] X is an f--statistically Cauchy sequence, then it has a Cauchy subsequence.
We are going to prove that, up to a subsequence, [parallel][u.
Writing [sigma] = [beta]n[gamma] with [beta] and [gamma] are two subsequences of [n - 1], the avoidance of 213 implies that [beta] = [[beta].
0]) we conclude that the Lyapunov and Perron exponents are achieved at a certain subsequence of any arithmetic sequence.
According to Theorem 19, every subsequence of [epsilon] [right arrow] 0 has a subsequence [[epsilon].
3, there exists a subsequence [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [member of] [OMEGA] tending to a point in [partial derivative][OMEGA] such that
We can now conclude the existence of weakly convergent subsequences.
HOT SAX: Efficiently Finding the Most Unusual Time Series Subsequence.