subsequent reflection

See: hindsight
References in classic literature ?
A philosopher fallen to betting is hardly distinguishable from a Philistine under the same circumstances: the difference will chiefly be found in his subsequent reflections, and Lydgate chewed a very disagreeable cud in that way.
Fidel's subsequent Reflection on 9 June will only add to speculation from our civil society and diplomatic contacts that Fidel is obsessed with President Obama," the paper quoted one memo, as saying.
5) Subsequent reflection invites a feedback loop linking the community intervention to an analysis of class-related theory and practice (Shulman, Beisser, Larson, Shelley, & Thrane, 2003).
If the tactility of the objects on display in the exhibition did not immediately register with viewers (for its apprehension takes time), reading Chrissie Iles's excellent catalogue essay on Mendieta's films should prompt subsequent reflection on the importance of this sensation.
By the subsequent reflection paper Jackie had experienced enough in the methods course to state, "Slowly, my mind is making the transition from the behavioral approach (how I was taught) to the constructivist approach (how I wish I was [sic] taught
Subsequent reflection upon this conjecture lead to the inescapable prediction that goldfish should be more sensitive than humans to any light containing long wavelengths, e.
Integration of such pulses would allow assembly of an image "slice-by-slice" as each subsequent reflection is added to prior ones.
While the victim's rank was not reported in the original publication, subsequent reflection on the topic of supervising for safety revealed that certain issues seem to have a greater or more direct relationship to the position and rank the particular law enforcement officer holds.
Revision in the light of discussion at the symposium and subsequent reflection was allowed up to September 1991.
The present work is the distillation, on the one hand, of a thesis presented in 1962 on the "psychoanalysis of the musical fact" and, on the other, subsequent reflection and reengagement with his material over several decades.
The lack of systematic attempts to detangle the effects of service-learning and subsequent reflection on academic learning outcomes is of concern to service-learning researchers (Eyler, 2000).
reminds us that the old masters, who produced the philosophical texts that scholars study today, were meditators, and their ruminations frequently came from subsequent reflection on meditative experiences.