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Such quality is subserved by bone matrix, microarchitecture, rate of bone turnover, and mechanostatic adaptation, which in turn depend on the osteocyte network.
And when finally the brain stops acting altogether, or decays, that special stream of consciousness which it subserved will vanish entirely from this natural world.
18) As for Eliphalet Nott, "He kept no copies of his correspondence, attaching seemingly no importance to it, beyond the purpose subserved for the time.
The following main goals that should be subserved with the mechanical engineering enterprises:
In turn, it was thought that the temporal lobes were primarily concerned with memory and language functions, while the parietal lobes subserved time and spatial perception.
Although much learning is reinforced though external consequences, the relative importance of this multidimensional behavioral approach assumes that the "character of an (abused child's) responses is inevitably controlled and is determined by previous learning, and in other instances subserved by other reinforcing agents" (Wolpe, 1978).
With the third, projects provide structure by eliciting "actions that establish a pattern coherent in virtue of the ends subserved.
Anti-slavery arguments, in short, subserved anti-Chinese policy.
If this," he explained, "involves the surrender or postponement of private interests and the abandonment of local advantages, compensation will be found in the assurance that thus the common interest is subserved and the general welfare advanced.
The muscle groups associated with the nerve root related to the level of the operative site were monitored along with the muscle groups subserved by the nerve roots immediately above and below the operative site.