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The draft bill on gay "marriage" that the government of our Liberal and professedly Catholic Prime Minister Jean Chretien has subserviently submitted for approval to the Supreme Court of Canada purports to uphold the right of theologically orthodox Christians, Jews and Muslims to refuse to perform a marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple.
So out in the streets, the plastic Union Jacks bravely flew, the people waved enthusiastically, the dignitaries dipped and bowed as subserviently as ever and Jenners ran out of big hats.
Even so, "race" may be addressed subserviently, or subversively.
Not tied up subserviently in a corner, but head out over the box door and big chestnut ears cocked forward as he stares down the green slopes of Hetland Hill to where the Solway Firth stretches, rain-scudded, into the distance.
Melanesians were depicted subserviently attending to White explorers in National Geographic photography until the 1970s when images like 'A pack train treks across wasteland trails in the Kubors' (Gilliard 1953:429) became too disturbing because of the ever present possibility of rebellion and anger (Lutz and Collins 1993:159).
To watch a movie as a film lover, that has two main characters, one who's a man and one who's a woman, and to realize how unbelievably subserviently the woman's character has been developed.
He is not aware of corruption, let alone injustice, among the town officials, nor does he recognize that his father is a successful businessman only because he subserviently cooperates with powerful white people.
Wheatley, would thereby redeem the "arts," invert the stratagems of deception referred to in the last line of her poem, by means of a cunning art subserviently adhering to scriptural exegesis yet also "defiantly" inferring an unorthodox temporal application.
As the ultimately tamed 'shrew', Michelle Gomez's wonderful Kate performs as subserviently as some men might fondly imagine a good wife should.