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66) Fully dependent upon the state for financial support, they were subserviently positioned in relation to the state officials.
Before assuming that women can only work with "the language of men," either irrationally or subserviently, it might be useful to attend to the possibilities of rational discourse--critique--as manifested in an actual poetic practice of women which is not readily or obviously characterized as either "disordered" or "fragmentary," but, as Isobel Armstrong suggests, is more usefully seen as a form of thinking.
We, in turn, obey subserviently and in trepidation as we question their credentials and competence.
If you look at the video of that incident, he stood there subserviently, hands behind his back in front of the referee, praying he was not going to get a red card.
Not in Ukraine, so entirely denied any purpose but the subserviently economic.
In this painting, Anguissola captures the youth and innocence of a woman living in a patriarchal society which demands women to act subserviently.
Although Rudd berated the Howard administration for subserviently following the United States, Rudd has nevertheless pledged that maintaining Australia's close ties with the United States will be central to his government's foreign policy.
And once again those agents, subserviently in some eyes, but more realistically and carefully for others, had to sacrifice their desires.
In an essay on the origins of the Puerto Rican labor movement, Gervasio Garcia noted the importance of analyzing whether the organized workers of Puerto Rico subserviently followed AFL dictates or pursued a course of action outlined by their own leaders and determined by circumstances in Puerto Rico.
armed forces were not fulfilling their responsibilities to the Constitution or their own brave fighting men and women by quietly and subserviently deferring to the civilian leadership.
The draft bill on gay "marriage" that the government of our Liberal and professedly Catholic Prime Minister Jean Chretien has subserviently submitted for approval to the Supreme Court of Canada purports to uphold the right of theologically orthodox Christians, Jews and Muslims to refuse to perform a marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple.
Even when led down subserviently to the duck pond to drink, the great beast is as if oblivious to the outside world, unaffected by the light, untouched by inherited traditions and instincts, 'as if he knew nothing | Of the ages and continents of his fathers, | Shut, while he wombed, to a dark shed'.