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Experts found that raising the prices of unhealthy foods or discounting the price of healthy foods proved as effective measures in reducing calories purchased over subsides.
If a joint is involved, the athlete should start the recovery of its range of motion as soon as the swelling subsides, if not before.
Even if the fighting between rock-throwing Palestinians and the heavily armed Israeli army subsides by the holidays, the damage has already been done to the tourism industry.
As your pain subsides, you can start strengthening exercises including leg curls and leg presses.
It is best to treat the patient systemically until active otorrhea subsides.
As fluid exits the vesicle, this sac deflates, the surface tension of its membrane subsides, and the hole closes up again.
BSEG plans to continue the theatrical roll-out in January, after the traditional rush of holiday releases subsides.
Olajuwon will begin intensive rehabilitation once the swelling subsides, the team said Tuesday.
With almost 900m [pounds sterling] in fishing subsides across Europe, the WWF report suggests the EU's fishing fleet is more than 40% larger than current fish stocks can sustain.
11, and when World Trade Center relocation activity subsides, the market might soften further, particularly if the nation and city enter a sharp recession.
He said: "We're going to be unable to farm in areas like this without subsides.
On the other hand, delaying surgery until vessel constriction subsides exposes the patient to the threat of a second, potentially fatal artery rupture.