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12 inches) per year, and the southern lagoon subsiding at 3 to 4 mm (0.
That technique often prevents ground overlying the oil from subsiding and sometimes even pushes the ground upward, says Gambolati.
The revival of intra-Jewish tensions along Bar-Ilan Street came just as passions on the Israeli-Palestinian front over a planned expansion of Jewish housing in Arab East Jerusalem seemed to be subsiding.
Fears of being laid off appear to be subsiding so that more employees feel comfortable about using their well-deserved vacation days this summer.
The intense popularity of Pokemon shows no sign of subsiding in the near future," explains KidsWish, Inc.
However the Liard River, which must be crossed to service the well location, is subsiding to a level where the companies must immediately move the drilling rig across the river or risk having it stand idle and subject to an expensive standby fee.
Frequent repeat dosing (usually several times weekly) required for effective treatment results in cycles of severe and subsiding side effects.