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The government set a gradual plan to discontinue subsidisation within the next five years.
Key Topics Covered: Preface Management Summary Part 1: Market & Competition 1 Current subsidisation systems 2 Asset investments 2.
However, due to a delay in reviewing the government subsidisation schemes, there has been a leak of great amounts of money which should have rather benefited citizens," he emphasised.
This argument forms the basis for justifying taxpayer financed farm subsidies, market manipulation and the subsidisation of exports granted to no other industry.
The EU has also argued in return that the contract work provided to Boeing Co, the US aircraft manufacturer, by the US Department of Defense amounts to subsidisation.
Faced with the actual prospect of a shrinking customer base, and competitor erosion of their market share, most operators have returned to the prepaid market and to subsidisation of handsets for new customers.
He said that overcoming the energy deficit can only take place through encouraging the private sector to invest, while still trying to limit subsidisation, and depend on solar energy, coal, and waste.
A big problem faced by the fertilisers industry until recent years had been a massive subsidisation by the state.