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Furthermore, when we receive proposals for transactions such as large-scale purchasing from a subsidizer, who is an outsider, it becomes necessary for us to consider the effects that the said large-scale purchasing, etc.
For the next largest subsidizer, Colombia, credit subsidies only represented a third of export taxation (Schiff and Valdes, 1992).
as chief subsidizer pulled out in 1991 and left an organization ungoverned.
Since 1985, New York has become the only American city whose "government spends its own tax-levy resources to compete against the privately owned low-cost housing sector as developer and subsidizer," Salins said.
The lack of productivity gains is also evident when subjects are analyzed as members of recipient and subsidizer groups.
7 million people (a vise created by the US government's 30-year embargo and the collapse of Cuba's primary trade partner and subsidizer, the Soviet Union), there is no visible poverty, begging or misery here -- the trademarks of every other Latin American country.
Absent an all-payer mechanism, government has defaulted on its role as tax collector and subsidizer to the extent that it forces health care providers to "tax" some recipients of care (or their insurers, which ultimately means the businesses that pay most of those insurers' premiums) and "subsidize" entitlement program beneficiaries and enrollees.
Further, they argue that it will require Medicaid to expand its focus and function not only as a direct insurer but, possibly, as reinsurer or subsidizer of private insurance in order to reach those segments (e.
However, the United States argued that any deliverables agreement on cotton must include commitments by China, which it said had now become the world's largest cotton subsidizer following a sharp reduction in U.
What is taking place in this situation is that at any higher tax rate, Napoleon will become a n et subsidizer of Boxer.
It can be a consumer of them, a subsidizer of their development, and a regulator of their distribution and use.