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Bryant's rights could "never obtain priority" over those of Butts Park, said the judge, before ruling that the house builders have "no subsisting interest in the ground".
The Lost Boys first survived a 6- to 10-week walk to Ethiopia, often subsisting on leaves and berries and the occasional boon of a warthog carcass.
An utterly impoverished population - homeless or living in squalid slums, jobless or subsisting on illegal earnings in the underground economy - has impressed itself on the consciousness of more and more Americans.
The wear pattern displayed by Australopithecus is more similar to that of living primate species subsisting largely on leaves and fleshy fruits.
NeoMedia's Complaint claims infringement by Scanbuy on four valid and subsisting patents owned by NeoMedia - U.
date 3rd January, 2018 and separately addressed to the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki and the Speaker, Honourable Yakubu Dogara, citing a subsisting Federal High Court decision in Olisa Agbakoba vs.
The film never really quite addresses why Debby in particular is suddenly feeling so desperate, but it's clear early on that they're both subsisting on past memories of their days as young and carefree women.
Black-and-white and subsisting only on green (bamboo), Hsing-Hsing was a majestic emblem of natural and political harmony.
The Complaint claims infringement on four valid and subsisting patents which it owns - U.
Although he landed a few small TV parts, Bonaduce realized he had hit bottom in 1988 when his mom tracked him down in a dingy motel room on Sunset Boulevard, where he weighed just 112 pounds and was subsisting on a diet of freebase and orange juice.
NeoMedia's Complaint against AirClic and Scanbuy claims infringement on four valid and subsisting patents it owns - U.
As for potty timeouts, he's not eating and is subsisting on only three tablespoons of water a day.