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The afflicted damsel had, in fact, waited twenty years for death in this premature tomb, praying night and day for the soul of her father, sleeping in ashes, without even a stone for a pillow, clothed in a black sack, and subsisting on the bread and water which the compassion of the passers-by led them to deposit on the ledge of her window, thus receiving charity after having bestowed it.
He was quite aware of this; indeed in some respects he was rather afraid of this ingenuous wife, whose imitative piety and native worldliness were equally sincere, who had nothing to be ashamed of, and whom he had married out of a thorough inclination still subsisting.
The family were in somewhat humble circumstances, subsisting by cultivation of a small and not very fertile plantation.
If a woman is strong, she will be strong by reason of the same form and of the same strength subsisting in her which there is in the man.
We may sum up our analysis, in the case of bare assent to a proposition not expressed in words, as follows: (a) We have a proposition, consisting of interrelated images, and possibly partly of sensations; (b) we have the feeling of assent, which is presumably a complex sensation demanding analysis; (c) we have a relation, actually subsisting, between the assent and the proposition, such as is expressed by saying that the proposition in question is what is assented to.
and that now I had all these to sufficient quantity, and was in a fair way to provide myself in such a manner as to live without my gun, when my ammunition was spent: so that I had a tolerable view of subsisting, without any want, as long as I lived; for I considered from the beginning how I would provide for the accidents that might happen, and for the time that was to come, even not only after my ammunition should be spent, but even after my health and strength should decay.
The high court, in its opinion, upheld that having passed through the totality of information presented before it by both the firm and INEC, it was satisfied that the electoral body, infringed on a subsisting patent right over the process, application and utilization of DDC machines for voters' registration, exclusively purchased ab initio by the company.
19 ( ANI ): The Supreme Court (SC) has ruled that in a Hindu marriage, a second wife would also be entitled to alimony, if she was kept in the dark about the subsisting first marriage of her husband.
If he could have used modern English, he could have much more effectively stated: God is "Being subsisting of itself.
For instance, should an employee's spouse become ill, that worker's wages are covered to support their family instead of subsisting on social assistance.
Air Sahara's attorney told the court that as far as his client was concerned, the merger "is still subsisting.
He says "Everything is submissive to Him, and everything is subsisting by Him (qaim bihi).