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Harvey Lake pearl dace were assumed to have diverged as a result of limited or no gene flow since isolation to the extent that Hubbs and Lagler declared this population to warrant the assignation of unique subspecific status (Hubbs and Lagler 1949).
Possibility 4 is hard to discount in the absence of knowledge of the subspecific identity of the butterflies but seems unlikely, at least in the six month period prior to the sightings, given the prevailing wind direction over the northern Indian Ocean and the absence of any storm on a similar track to Storm Aurora.
parviceps parviceps, implicitly conferring to it subspecific rank.
However, this result should be taken with caution since we were unable to account for potentially confounding influences of sex and subspecific status on body mass.
The absence of spines from the first 16 leg pairs could represent simple variation or a difference that warrants taxonomic recognition at the specific or subspecific levels, but more material is needed from the lacuna between Santarem and the defined range of the species (Shelley 2006).
Additional studies are warranted to delineate the subspecific status of this population and habitat requirements for this population in Nebraska.
2009), Bidens is a cosmopolitan genus of the tribe Coreopsidae represented by approximately 340 species and subspecific categories, of which about 56 occur in Mexico.
This species exhibits great diversity both morphologically [2-4] and genetically [4-6] recognized three forms constituents of a geographic cline of Musca domestica, based on the ratio of frons to head width of males and on abdominal coloration [7], on the other hand, rejected Sacca's classification and proposed the subspecific taxon Musca domestica for all houseflies outside the Ethiopian region.
From the subspecific name on the specimen tag, the Skagit specimen was presumed to be L.
She challenges the thesis that Aristotle in his embryology appeals to subspecific forms to account for inheritance and develops an alternative strategy in which the male provides form, the female matter, but both kineseis, which is where the explanation for inherited traits lies.
Underscoring the morphological plasticity in these North American species, Wherry (1944) lists five subspecific taxa for C.