substantial part

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It is absent in at least a substantial part of the opposite waist portion of the article so as to promote fluid flow from the crotch portion toward the one waist portion.
In addition, a substantial part of the building's external envelope and internal structure uses EPS foams for insulation.
the facts as to which she would testify could also have been established in substantial part by other witnesses.
In a publication entitled Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations, the IRS declares about those organizations: "No substantial part of its activity may be attempting to influence legislation, [and] the organization may not intervene in political campaigns.
A substantial part of his time was spent at NTX Interiors, Inc.
If you look at the last 20 years, all the highest-growth sectors of our economy and a substantial part of the GDP growth has been fueled by electricity, not by oil.
Latin Americans who leave home looking for work are becoming a substantial part of their native countries' economic picture.
According to investigators, "a substantial part of the greater suicide rate in the oldest old than in the middle-aged can be attributed to the increased prevalence of medical hospitalization.
The Sky Blues had hoped to get the former Manchester United star on a season long loan with Rovers paying a substantial part of his wages.
LOW-COST airline Ryanair confirmed yesterday that it had learned a draft European Commission report indicated a substantial part of its arrangements at Brussels Charleroi airport will be found unlawful.
The results indicate the need for a mill trial in which MSW fiber makes up a substantial part of the furnish for a corrugating medium sheet.
While the Paris Opera Ballet, the Vienna State Opera Ballet, and London's Royal Ballet--the other European companies with which Nureyev was unforgettably associated--scheduled commemorative galas in the first months of 2003, the Milan theater beat them by devoting a substantial part of its December 2002 calendar to recalling the ballet star.