substantial quantity

See: bulk
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Olive orchard cultivation throughout these potential areas of Punjab could produce substantial quantity of oil which would bring down olive oil import bill.
She said: "Officers conducted a thorough search of the property, resulting in the recovery of a rifle, a substantial quantity of ammunition and equipment to make ammunition.
Border Force regional director Phillip Holliday said: "Officers have stopped a substantial quantity of class A drugs ending up on the streets of the UK.
OPScers from the town's Proactive CID unit, with the assistance of local neighbourhood oPScers and a sni'er dog, carried out a search warrant in Meadow Street on Wednesday and found a substantial quantity of what is believed to be Class B drugs, plus a stash of cash.
Seven arrests were made, a substantial quantity of cocaine and cash was recovered and 29 vehicles seized.
After follow-up investigations, the police raided a house and seized a substantial quantity of counterfeit alcoholic products and also confiscated the vehicle that was being used for the illicit operations.
On a tip-off received by the police that the accused was possessing a substantial quantity of drugs and peddling it to the narcotics abusers, the sleuths launched an operation to nab him.
The warrant was executed under the Misuse of Drugs Act and a substantial quantity of cannabis plants and cash were found.
At this stage we don't know exactly how much money was stolen but believe it was a substantial quantity.
Food-Eco Crete[TM], has a formula with a base material which is derived from the Castor Oil Beans, these too are both sustainable and renewable, plus a substantial quantity of recycled material which includes crushed silica that has replaced the traditional aggregate.
Officers have already seized a substantial quantity of counterfeit notes.
Ian Fletcher, chief executive, IPO said: "The operation in June this year saw the IPO work with the City of London Police and the BPI to greatly disrupt the pre-release music leaking group, recovering a substantial quantity of promotional CDs and equipment.