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To establish the existence or truth of a particular fact through the use of competent evidence; to verify.

For example, an Eyewitness might be called by a party to a lawsuit to substantiate that party's testimony.


verb actualize, affirm, attest, bear out, bear witness, certify, circumstantiate, corroborate, demonstrate, embody, establish by proof, evidence, make good, materialize, objectify, prove, ratify, realize, reify, substantialize, support, uphold, verify, vindicate
Associated concepts: substantiate a claim, substantiate charges
See also: adduce, attest, bear, cite, confirm, corroborate, demonstrate, document, establish, maintain, probate, prove, quote, realize, seal, show, state, support, sustain, uphold, validate, verify, witness
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Under a "fixed date method," an advance made within 30 days of when a payment is made, an expense substantiated within 60 days after it is paid or incurred or an excess amount returned within 120 days after the expense is paid or incurred will be considered made within a reasonable time.
Had P not elected to be under the revenue procedures and had instead substantiated the nonmeal expenses in compliance with Sec.
E intends to pay the mileage allowance only for miles of travel substantiated by the drivers; thus, drivers are not required to return the portion of the mileage allowance exceeding the amount of expenses deemed substantiated.
274-5T, each element of the expense must be substantiated "by adequate records or by sufficient evidence corroborating the taxpayer's own statement.
COPAN Systems products offer superior data protection and reliability because they are built on an enhanced MAID platform that has now been demonstrated and substantiated in the field.
We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Nutrition 21 to bring their clinically substantiated products to the Korean market, where the increasing incidence of diabetes is a major public health concern," said Mr.
Umit Tarakci, TC Memo 2000-358, is an example of a case in which deductions for cell phone use were substantiated properly.
An accountable plan is one that (1) provides reimbursements, advances or allowances for business expenses that are allowable as deductions for expenses paid or incurred by an employee in connection with the performance of services, (2) requires the employee to substantiate expenses covered by the arrangement to the person providing the reimbursement and (3) requires the employee to return any amount in excess of the substantiated expenses.
If the offer cannot be substantiated and accepted by Tuesday at 5:30 p.
Contributions of money are required to be substantiated by a canceled check or a receipt from the donee showing the donee's name, the date of the contribution and the amount of the contribution (Regs.
Coletica has a portfolio of catalogue products that offer the global skin-care market the substantiated performance that drives new product development for their customers.