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2 Power Generation Company shall conduct substitutive power generation transaction according to the rules of substitutive power generation management and execution of the place where the power grid are located.
L'adoption sans rupture proposee par le projet de loi 81 a, par ailleurs, tous les effets d'une adoption pleniere, c'est-a-dire qu'elle est exclusive et substitutive.
There was no interim detention of the accused prior to a court hearing, and if convicted, they did not go to jail but received other substitutive punishments.
Having acknowledged the generality of substitutive activity in the psychological event, the following analysis will determine if there are any particularities about events of the R-S type that warrant its conceptualization as a different type of learning process, or if, as we suspect, all circumstances of substitution encompass the notion of reinforcement.
When the concern with status becomes predominant in the enjoyment of things, we're no longer looking at the Nick Adams materialist but at the substitutive sort (more on them in a bit).
While one stream of research clearly outlines the benefits of combining relational governance with formal control (Cannon, Achrol & Gundlach, 2000; Poppo & Zenger, 2002), a second stream notes their substitutive or even antagonistic nature in that formal control may undermine social processes, hamper the formation of trust, or even breed a situation of mistrust that instead increases opportunism (Dyer & Singh, 1998; Gulati, 1995).
Evans, but pointing out that imposing this model on "individuals who may engage in same-sex sexual behavior, but who do not fit a substitutive paradigm between identity and conduct, can be unduly confining, exclusionary, and inappropriate").
Substitutive effects exist among attributes of risk, and a multiplicative effect exists among compatibility, quality, and cost.
First, the lack of operational capability in the G8 framework precludes it from playing substitutive or competing roles against operational peacekeepers in any meaningful manner.
The complications around the ERA lie in its required collusion with patriarchy as the requisite sanctioning body and equality icon, and with this, its ineffectuality to function as a reform of substance, where the symbolism of the ERA's lawful ratification would essentially occlude its substitutive impact.
To describe the self-care activities done by the patients who suffer chronic kidney disease (CKD) that are currently receiving different substitutive treatments, reported in scientific literature between 2006 and 2013.