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3] (be it an assertion or an inference) will have a corresponding is-a in the OWL ontology, and thus subsumption links will be preserved.
The tags stored in the attributes are remodeled into the taxonomy by creating suitable POS concepts and subsumption links.
The new asserted hierarchy had four missing subsumption links (out of 12,600+ direct links); these were manually added to the OWL ontology.
In this north Australian world of mobs, a departing actor has to work to rescue, retrieve and extract individual autonomy from its previously compromised subsumption in the pursuit of group-purpose and affairs.
This is so because progress into privacy is the means used by the individual to mitigate his or her subsumption in the over-determined reality that is the social order of a mob.
In their own subsumption, mob members gloss the privatefella's conflict-avoidance as petulance.
then, is the subsumption of intuitions under pure concepts, the