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The separation of it often requires great attention, accuracy, and subtilty.
See also 166 (where Sterne associates 'speculative subtilty [sic] or ambidexterity of argumentation' with the pursuit of truth).
for that which is called honour, although it be but a chimera fancied by ignorant fools, yet since our indulgence hath been such as to submit our necks to that yoke, through the craft and subtilty of men, I think we give way enough unto it, if what we do according to this true and natural doctrine born with us, be governed by discretion.
To those that seek for information without display, reverence for antiquity without superstition, zeal without innovation, close reasoning without subtilty, doctrine without metaphysics, morality without method-ism, in short the Gospel without human inventions; the nervous condensation, and bold simplicity of the Homilies will supply an almost inexhaustible treasure.
Browne, according to one account of the trial, stated that he thought the children were suffering from a natural illness, namely 'the mother', but that the disease had been 'heightened to a great excess by the subtilty of the Devil, co-operating with the malice of these which we term witches'.
38) On their first meeting in 1808, Story took an instant liking to Marshall, impressed by his "great subtilty of mind" and captivated by his "laugh," which was "too hearty for an intriguer.
44) Moreover, such better indicates the subtilty of Aristotle's understanding than a mere presentation of the regimes considered absolutely and in the abstract in terms of three good versus three bad regimes: royal rule versus tyrannical; aristocratic versus oligarchical; and constitutional versus democratic.
the main of the Serpents strength having alwayes lain in the Craft and Subtilty of Reason, which is the Fore-Head mark of the Beast" (RR, 25).
Gaukroger never quotes Bacon's dismissal of the syllogism, so important in scholasticism, as a tool valid "in sciences popular, as moralities, laws, and the like," but of little use in natural philosophy, since "the subtilty of nature and operations will not be enchained in those bonds: for Arguments consist of Propositions, and Propositions of Words; and Words are but the current tokens or marks of Popular Notions of things" (Advancement of Learning, book 2, in Brian Vickers, ed.
Sometime soon the heat and demands of football practice will hit Thousand Oaks High wide receiver Dave Anderson with all the subtilty of a midfield collision with a strong safety.
25) For to brawl about words is the property of sophisters and such as mean deceit and subtilty, which delight in the debate and dissension of the world, and in the miserable state of the church; and not of them which should seek the glory of Christ and should study for the unity and quietness of the church.
Nor was hee only a strong, but an absolute Speaker, and Writer: but his subtilty did not shew it selfe; his judgement thought that a vice.