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I take this to be Wordsworth's point: "Fancy depends upon the rapidity and profusion with which she scatters her thoughts and images; trusting that their number, and the felicity with which they are linked together, will make amends for their want of individual value; or she prides herself upon the curious subtilty and the successful elaboration with which she can detect their lurking affinities.
To those that seek for information without display, reverence for antiquity without superstition, zeal without innovation, close reasoning without subtilty, doctrine without metaphysics, morality without method-ism, in short the Gospel without human inventions; the nervous condensation, and bold simplicity of the Homilies will supply an almost inexhaustible treasure.
44) Moreover, such better indicates the subtilty of Aristotle's understanding than a mere presentation of the regimes considered absolutely and in the abstract in terms of three good versus three bad regimes: royal rule versus tyrannical; aristocratic versus oligarchical; and constitutional versus democratic.
Gaukroger never quotes Bacon's dismissal of the syllogism, so important in scholasticism, as a tool valid "in sciences popular, as moralities, laws, and the like," but of little use in natural philosophy, since "the subtilty of nature and operations will not be enchained in those bonds: for Arguments consist of Propositions, and Propositions of Words; and Words are but the current tokens or marks of Popular Notions of things" (Advancement of Learning, book 2, in Brian Vickers, ed.
Sometime soon the heat and demands of football practice will hit Thousand Oaks High wide receiver Dave Anderson with all the subtilty of a midfield collision with a strong safety.
Nor was hee only a strong, but an absolute Speaker, and Writer: but his subtilty did not shew it selfe; his judgement thought that a vice.
But (h) those Learned Observing Philosophers altho they (i) here and there mention some few of these common notions, yet none have proceeded so farr as to give us a perfect Catalogue thereof; And those moderne writers that have attempted it (a) have either rested in very few and those very generall, and those that have attempted to give them more particularly and explicitely, have but made up certaine Conclusions finely (b) spun by Speculation, which either the generality of Mankind can never expect to undergo, and nor never (c) did they come into their minds, and with the same labour and subtilty that they have spun out these they might deduce a thousand more equally evident or inevident with those they have enumerated, And therefore tho it may be true that the consequences /fol.
The law under which the processes of Fancy are carried on is as capricious as the accidents of things, and the effects are surprising, playful, ludicrous, amusing, tender, or pathetic," yet "she prides herself upon the curious subtilty and the successful elaboration with which she can detect their lurking affinities" (Wordsworth, "Preface" 383).