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Subtle and Face also plotted to sell these same household articles to the young widow, who, having just moved to London, was probably in need of such items.
Cleansers and toners round out the skincare routine, enhancing the effects of our lush moisturizers," said Chitra Desikan, co-founder of Subtle Green.
Hellebores (pronounced HELL-uh-bors) are another group of subtle beauties for the shade.
But there are also more intriguing montages of concept and image (a medieval castle accompanies "D is for Dream," while a public housing project with satellite dishes accompanies "H is for Home") that were probably not exactly what the creators of the poster had in mind, and in a subtle shift between 1970 and the present, "K is for Kids" is visualized by ultracontemporary, hyperactive kids lip-synching to music in a park.
Balancing the doshas would bring harmony to the mental and physical aspects in both cases, since the doshas govern the different functions of body and mind, from the gross to the subtle level, and because in essence body and mind are an organic unity.
The doses of chlorpyrifos were too low to cause immediate symptoms, but rats exposed in utero or during the first week after birth later showed subtle biochemical abnormalities.
Even with program notes, this dance proved hard to follow, and though the costumes were beautiful, they were perhaps a bit too subtle to clearly identify the different suits.
SUBTLE POWER, a Royal Ascot winner for Henry Cecil before being exported to the US this autumn, is to rejoin the former champion trainer in the New Year.
There was, of course, no way that the clerks and bureaucrats who labored in an era before public opinion surveys or psychological inventories had been invented and who produced census data and registration materials with an entirely different purpose in mind could ever measure these subtle phenomena directly.
Whatever criticisms she makes (here and throughout) are gentle and subtle.