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Subtract cash payments (not noncash expenses such as depreciation and amortization) made for operating expenses reported on the income statement after making adjustments arising from accrual accounting.
Add increase in LIFO reserve or subtract decrease in LIFO reserve.
Subtract the comp value if the program point is closer to the datum than the geometry point.
First multiply 11 by 10 (11 x 10) = 110, then subtract the number 11 from the total (110 - 11 = 99).
Add the value of the fourth letter of SEVEN (5) to the value of the second letter of THIRTEEN (8); subtract the value of the fourth letter of THIRTEEN (18) from the value of the second letter of SEVEN (5); and add the value of the first letter of SEVEN (19) to the value of the fifth letter of THIRTEEN (20).
An easy way to think about sums like this is to subtract one from the 100 or 1000 number and then add it back on at the end of the calculation.
Add the player's runs scored to his runs-batted-in and subtract his home runs to get his runs produced.
In the other tactic, dubbed the add-subtract strategy, a child adds up the numbers on the left side of an equation and then subtracts the number on the right from the leftside total.
Do your hill work on a treadmill with the incline ratcheted up and subtract the down-hills altogether.
For personal-use property, individuals must first subtract $100 for each casualty event.
Ask a friend to write down any number, multiply it by 3, add 6, divide by 3, and subtract the number first used.
6 Subtract the actual hole position in X from the hole's basic dimension in X.