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Then she knew it was too hard to subtract 8 from 354, so she first subtracted one 4 and then the other 4.
Marna also crossed out 3 packages to subtract 30 candies.
7 Subtract the actual hole position in Y from the hole's basic dimension in Y.
If you eat more than 2,000 calories a day, you'll have more foods to add or subtract And the diet is designed by a nutritionist In the real world, many people won't precisely add and subtract calories.
If you became diabetic as a child and are insulin dependant, subtract three years.
Labels can list stearic acid separately, but can't subtract it from "saturated fat.
This level of variation may produce acceptable mill lengths, but it won't do for precision cutting because any change in line speed during the ELM will add or subtract length.
She could two after teaching using the family By two she recite The Owl Pussycat by Edward Add and subtract time she was Draw pictures by age two.
As they turn the pages and work the games, they will exercise reading and writing skills, learn about new things, and enhance fine motor skills and experience intellectual stimulation as they color, link dot-to-dots, spot differences, count, observing, finding and linking pairs, add, subtract, and involve themselves in complex problem solving.
Of course, you know that running itself is likely to subtract years from your age and even more can be subtracted for related behaviors and the results of running.
The inherent flaw in teaching subtraction this way, of course, is that later when students are asked to subtract outside these controlled situations, they are at a loss as to how to begin.
SUBTRACT 1 point from your score if you order extra cheese.