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If you really had a square piece of property and you subtracted, what would the difference be?
She broke the 8 apart and subtracted one 4 and then the other 4.
Brain activity in the control condition is then subtracted from that in the experimental condition, leaving--in theory--responses that are unique to the latter procedure.
Aside from these conventions for drawing packages and pieces, the children developed several methods to show how they added or subtracted candy.
All restaurants start with a score of 100, with points subtracted for each infraction.
Based on the above authorities, business expenses, including a partner's unreimbursed business expenses, are subtracted from gross income in arriving at net earnings from self-employment.
And though the bodies pile up nearly as fast as in most Harrison Ford action films, their dispatching is of a remarkably gentle sort: They take a swig from Vann's flask, they nod off to sleep, they get subtracted from the human race.
Without realizing they are doing it, they learn to ignore the number that is both added and subtracted, report psychologists Robert S.
691(c) deduction, the $100,000 annuity is subtracted from the taxable estate of $1,250,000 and the portion of the marital deduction attributable to the annuity ($50,000) is added back, resulting in a taxable estate of $1,200,000.
Anything less and the difference would be subtracted from the $6-a-share purchase price.
But if the sale of PacificAmerica's interest-only strip receivables are less than the amount they both agreed upon, then the difference will be subtracted from the $6 a share purchase price.
Then the team subtracted these data from data obtained while the volunteers said aloud an appropriate use for the same nouns.