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Ann: I kind of just did it where I subtracted the largest from the smallest one like we did A minus B.
The sum of the two is $97,000, which gets subtracted from the gross profit, for a net operating income of $43,000.
The regular tax for the short period is subtracted from the TMT to determine the AMT.
Admittedly, they have subtracted from the freedom of a landowner who wants to saw down every pine tree on his lot, but they are protecting the overall image of their town.
In a consumptionbased system, net savings are subtracted from gross receipts to produce the tax base while withdrawals from savings are included in the tax base.
Layers can be added or subtracted at will," Gates says.
However, the mortgage amount is subtracted from the gross estate.
1 million profit reported by Taj when subtracted from the whole industry picture showed that the other 11 casinos netted $70 million.
Increased promotional spending subtracted 1 percent
Brain activity in the control condition is then subtracted from that in the experimental condition, leaving--in theory--responses that are unique to the latter procedure.
All restaurants start with a score of 100, with points subtracted for each infraction.
Based on the above authorities, business expenses, including a partner's unreimbursed business expenses, are subtracted from gross income in arriving at net earnings from self-employment.