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Change ratings were calculated for each student by subtracting pre-test average language clarity ratings from post-test average ratings.
The teacher made sure the other students understood where Keisha got the numbers that she was subtracting.
This score is determined by subtracting the actual minus the preferred score on both pretest and posttest for both groups.
The effect of insurance can be determined by first calculating a firm's VaR without insurance, then recalculating VaR with insurance and subtracting this second number from the first one.
Under the subtraction-method VAT, the taxpayer calculates its liability by adding all its sales and then subtracting all its purchases and multiplying the balance by the tax rate.
Subtracting a valid severity score from a comparable observed outcome would, of course, measure effectiveness provided one could attribute the outcome to the intervention.
The solution involved some deft architectural arithmetic: subtracting a little here, adding a little there.
By entering the symbols of securities or funds held in a portfolio, the advisor can quickly see the effect on the portfolio's return and volatility that would occur by changing or modifying certain holdings, by adding or subtracting asset classes, and / or by adding or subtracting different funds or securities.
This entertaining educational series includes Number Patterns; Multiples And Factors; Integers; Fractions; Doubles And Halves; Decimals (Adding Subtracting And Comparing); Decimals; and Percentages, each of which is deftly presented in child-friendly ten to fifteen minute lessons which comprehensively explore the details and facts of its own particular subject area.
By averaging data from many brains and then subtracting responses to control conditions from those to experimental conditions, fMRI researchers artificially create islands of brain activity for whatever they happen to be studying, in Freeman's view.
Underwood's students developed for sensibly adding and subtracting large amounts of candy.
NAV is calculated by taking the closing market value of all securities owned plus all other assets such as cash, subtracting all liabilities, then dividing the result--called total net assets--by the total number of shares outstanding.