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Allstate encourages all homeowners, whether they'll take advantage of the tax subtraction or not, to prepare their home against the threat of wildfires.
For qualifications and limitations under the Wildfire Mitigation Measures Subtraction, please visit the Colorado Department of Revenue.
Besides ostensibly resulting in point subtractions, completing a FR 10 on Button B could also initiate an interval free from point subtractions (provocation-free intervals).
Subject S-585 emitted extremely high rates of aggressive responding, even though the low provocation condition was in effect which resulted in only 2-5 point subtractions per session.
We want to remind them to keep their receipts and remember to claim the credit or subtraction.
The library contains fast additions and subtractions.
Most "Federal conformity" states, while not allowing any R&D credit, do not provide a subtraction from Federal AGI for the R&D credit amount included in Federal AGI when the full R&D credit is claimed.
As news of the stock market fluctuations and financial services crisis is publicized each day, an opportunity is presented to demonstrate to school-age children the real-life applications of basic math concepts, such as addition, subtraction, percentages, and averages.
DynaMATCH(TM) -- Selectable 2D/3D image registration for suppression of image motion artifacts and automatic image subtraction