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Paradigm-changing non-subtractive technologies such as CMC addition to achieve KHT stability in wines present many tangible benefits while overcoming many burdens of subtractive technologies.
67% of the thoughts presented subtractive structure, while 16.
Combining additive and subtractive tool paths enabled the processes to be carried out sequentially, allowing the seamless progression from Computer Aided Design (CAD) to final part.
Models 4 to 6 in Table 1 present the results of the impacts of subtractive and additive measures of third-person perceptions on support for warnings about the information.
In Section IV, we introduce the theorem of subtractive clustering.
Kriesel's team applied subtractive sequencing to brain specimens taken from people who had MS during their lifetimes, and specimens from controls without MS.
There are two types of color, additive and subtractive [4].
Graphic arts reproduction basic subtractive primaries are extended with carbon black, meaning black printer.
In Section 2, it is shown that the homomorphic image of a Euclidean semimodule is Euclidean and every subtractive subsemimodule of a Euclidean semimodule is cyclic.
Bilingualism as a conceptual framework with its models namely additive and subtractive together with related models of language teaching the transitional and immersion informed and directed this study.
Topics include new developments and applications in materials processing; subtractive, additive, and joining processes; processing of advanced materials, and new developments in micro/nano fabrication for engineering materials.