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Longtime dissidents Chen Wei and Chen Xi were also jailed for nine and 10 years respectively at the end of December for subversion, and veteran activist Zhu Yufu has just been charged with the same crime.
Among the demands of Charter 08 was the abolition of the law on subversion.
Concepts, Installation and configuration of Subversion -- Integration of Subversion with existing development environments -- Subversion interfaces: Command Line, GUI, TortoiseSVN, and others -- Migration from existing version control systems -- Branching, Tagging, Staging, and Hook Scripts -- Setting up multi-site Subversion repositories -- Tips & Tricks, useful Tools
The Universal Subversion client for Mac OS X complements CollabNet's growing portfolio of dedicated Subversion support, training and consulting services.
In a series of eight loosely connected essays, Perkinson (philosophy and religious studies, Marygrove College) seeks to turn the categories imposed by Western Christianity on subordinate others back onto itself and to explore the shamanistic practices ("diagnosis of dis-ease, spirit-travel to other times and places to recover lost energies and vitalities, and mastery of oppressive forces/spirits") of African Americans as a response to and often subversion of the cultural practices of white supremacy.
In the seven chapters of volume one, Debord speaks of language through strategy, the passions of love through criminality, the passage of time through alcoholism, the attraction to places through their destruction, the fondness for subversion through the police repression it incurs, growing old through the sphere of war, and decay through economic development.
Reviewing earlier African American feminist criticism, Gallego concludes that this discourse involves "the subversion, inversion or variation of other discourses that marginalize African American women.
Twelve members of opposition party Popular Congress Party, including a junior government minister, are released after more than three months in detention on suspicion of subversion.
An Australian journalist has been arrested in East Timor, accused of subversion and threatened with expulsion, an international press freedom organisation said in Sydney.
Problematization is certainly at issue, but to speak of subversion is to ignore Ariosto's axiological and artistic subtlety.
the law would provide a legal justification for outlawing political dissent and religious worship under the guise of protecting the state against treason, sedition, subversion, or secession.
Pero un periodista peruano tuvo una respuesta diferente durante una conferencia de prensa con Bush: "Hemos sido devastados por el terrorismo, la subversion y el narcotrafico durante mas de tres decadas, ?