succeeding generation

See: descendant
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In the succeeding generation rulers will be appointed who have lost the guardian power of testing the metal of your different races, which, like Hesiod's, are of gold and silver and brass and iron.
And then beautiful things grow rich with the emotion that they have aroused in succeeding generations.
Both cases are of a singular and special kind and it is very doubtful whether either can be considered as a precedent likely to be extensively followed by succeeding generations.
THIS year, France, Belgium and Holland are celebrating the 70th anniversary of their liberation - and after all this time, their joy and gratitude is expressed not only by the elderly who suffered the oppression of occupation but by each succeeding generation.
A precise strategy to shift control to the succeeding generation is essential.
We rely upon the Bible for guidance, prayer, liturgy and consolation and though it may have been written centuries ago it still brings its holy message to every succeeding generation.
With each succeeding generation, reductions in poverty have become more difficult.
As Beavers notes, "Each succeeding generation can turn Movement Research into what is important to them.
In 40 years in the school system, all I've heard from each generation is that the succeeding generation couldn't read as well.
The whole notion of the Monarchy becomes more bizarre with each succeeding generation.
However, in the succeeding generation, that of 1580-1600 -- Mulsow's second major phase -- this very denial became adopted as a form of metaphysics, i.
He attempts to create a percentage pie chart of why the societal disconnect exists, attributing about 10 percent to women in the work force, robbing the community of what had historically been a vital source of voluntarism; about a tenth to suburban sprawl--to community-spread, non-engaging strip malls, and enormous time spent commuting; about 30 percent to the atomizing and fragmenting effects of modern communications, making citizens passive spectators and diminishing, through cable satellite and the Internet, their body of shared information; and the largest portion to generational change, in which each succeeding generation, beginning with those born after World War II, is less involved than their predecessors.