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And he was not going to have his vanities provoked by contact with the showy worldly successes of the capital, but to live among people who could hold no rivalry with that pursuit of a great idea which was to be a twin object with the assiduous practice of his profession.
It was mostly about the German successes in Africa and conjectures as to when the German army in Europe would reach Paris.
That dependeth upon the viewpoint, Father; as I take not the Lord into partnership in my successes it seemeth to me to be but of a mean and poor spirit to saddle my sorrows and perplexities upon Him.
He associated her now with all those plans concerning the future which he had been dimly formulating since the climax of his successes had come.
Ye must be proud of your enemies; then, the successes of your enemies are also your successes.
In a recent interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Vice President Cheney said: "The bottom line is that we've had enormous successes [in Iraq] and we will continue to have enormous successes.
Each lesson begins in a similar fashion to allow students the chance to share successes and strategies for improvement:
Though the success rates at COS were higher than its demographically identical neighbors, the success rates for COS' DE courses were significantly lower with 233 successes out of 500 attempts for a success rate of only 46.
It is at this moment, before your memory of the success fades, that you have a chance to increase the proportion of successes to failures.
But soon the pattern changes and successes are not as spectacular or as frequent.

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