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This step helps to evaluate the purposefulness, successfulness and structure of internal control in detecting and preventing false material data in financial statements.
The practice of agroforestry systems by adding new plants, crop patterns, and its management are largely influencing the effectiveness and successfulness of the systems.
Erol Rizaov wonders in Utrinski vesnik whether we will vote for the one who is to lie to us the best and about the government's successfulness.
He said that this may support the successfulness of vocal communication between the two species.
They are a huge part of the unity and successfulness of ISNA
9 After the small group activity evaluate the successfulness of the session by asking that did you understand the objectives of the topic are you motivated to learn.
Following the introduction of alcohol-based gels in the perioperative setting, research has been largely centered on gel successfulness and the length of effectiveness.
Using this model, PE teachers and practitioners can independantly assess the predispositions of the girls for successfulness primarily in the sprint running events, but likely in the other track and field events as well.
Osmani's nomination comes as result of the honest work, transparency and successfulness in managing the Municipality of Gostivar, RDK said.
The successfulness of the privileges will often hinge upon whether the privilege is maintained upon disclosure to the reinsurer.
Such form of cooperation proved its successfulness," Marat Sharshekeev said.
This metric supplements, rather than replaces, the measure of individual KPIs and gives more information to the legal firm management team regarding the successfulness of their marketing operations.

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