succession of acts

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Sir Paul, 64, took to the stage after a succession of acts including Ian Brown, had given speeches littered with four-letter words.
And, of course, very few punters see the same succession of acts, with two tents and a wealth of other venues at pubs throughout the town to choose from.
It's far more than just an unexpected and witty variation on a dinner or a succession of acts or tricks - it is a journey not just from aperitifs to digestifs but from childhood to age as the maitre d became the host, leading us through memories and experiences.
AS A member of Stoneycroft Methodist Church in Greenfield Road, Old Swan, I have been asked by our Chapel Steward to write to you regarding a succession of acts of vandalism performed by a group of hooligans who constantly invade our property for ``picnics'' and dispose of their rubbish all over the church steps and grounds.
It is extremely regrettable that we have seen a succession of acts that have betrayed the trust that the people place in politics.