succession of acts

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Circus was created by our own Philip Astley of Newcastle-under-Lyme 250 years ago, when he drew a ring in the sand and introduced a succession of acts, including horses, ropedancers, jugglers and clowns.
My wife hailed a taxi to get me to an NHS walk-in centre and from this point a succession of acts of supreme kindness have humbled me to write.
Yorath The theatre was invariably packed and I remember queuing in the little area alongside the feeder for a seat in "the gods" to see a very varied succession of acts.
Now, and starting this week, a quick-fire succession of Acts in Barcelona, Hamburg and Cardiff offers the perfect opportunity for them to do so.
During the last 40 years this House, by a succession of Acts of Parliament, has handed supremacy to the European Commission and the European Court, in total about 50 unelected people, many of whom come from an authoritarian tradition that has no respect at all for the notion of democratic control.
Sir Paul, 64, took to the stage after a succession of acts including Ian Brown, had given speeches littered with four-letter words.
And, of course, very few punters see the same succession of acts, with two tents and a wealth of other venues at pubs throughout the town to choose from.
AS A member of Stoneycroft Methodist Church in Greenfield Road, Old Swan, I have been asked by our Chapel Steward to write to you regarding a succession of acts of vandalism performed by a group of hooligans who constantly invade our property for ``picnics'' and dispose of their rubbish all over the church steps and grounds.
It is extremely regrettable that we have seen a succession of acts that have betrayed the trust that the people place in politics.
A succession of acts passed by Parliament helped improve things in the 20th Century.