succession of property

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a met in Zagreb with Minister of State Property of the Republic of Croatia Goran MariA and they discussed succession of property of the two states.
5 Without the benefit of an empirical study, one can but speculate about the extent to which, notwithstanding judicial or administrative oversight, families engage in, or plan for, the succession of property between generations in the context of management (via an enduring power of attorney) of the affairs of a family member incapable of managing his or her own affairs.
As a nation we will require fiscal prudence and increased social spending as the provincial share in the National Finance Commission Award has increased, they have fifty percent control over natural resources, got General Sales Tax on services, duties in respect of succession of property, estate duty, capital gains and provincial powers to raise loans.
TRUSTS created in a will are a very effective way of managing the succession of property in a flexible and tax efficient manner.
It is regrettable that we have to follow rules regarding succession of property in such circumstances, but hope to take a sympathetic approach in reaching a resolution," he said.