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For the method of successive approximation [4, 6] the equation (1) can be written as
2003), it can be solved by the successive approximation (iteration) method w.
In this paper, we give a Caratheodory [3] successive approximation for the solution (whenever we have its pathwise uniqueness) of a d-dimensional stochastic differential equation where the coefficients are not necessarily continuous.
Then, in part three, he effectively lays out a detailed roadmap for applying successive approximation to the development process.
Restated, the multiresolution successive approximation not only enhances the resolution of an image, but also enhances the resolution of a watermark simultaneously.
Analog-to-digital conversion is performed by external successive approximation 12-bit A/D converter MCP3202 with on-board sample and hold circuitry.
The MCP330X devices are successive approximation 13-bit serial A/D converters with on-board sample and hold circuitry.
Up to 16-channel 12-bit resolution successive approximation analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
Section 4 proposes original and technical results which allow us to obtain an upper bound of the p-norm of the matrix B for p [member of] [1,[infinity]], generalizing the algebraic matricial formulation of the little theorem of Riesz (see [16]); note that this result can be used only for successive approximation methods in the sequential context.
A second COP8FLASH microcontroller, the COP8CBR, also offers an integrated 10-bit successive approximation A/D, and is designed to control a WebPAD touchscreen, power management user interface, LCD brightness and contrast control, and battery charging.
The ML610Q431/Q432 includes two types of A/D converters: a 24-bit RC oscillator type and a 12-bit successive approximation type.

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