successive phases

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the present mission is broken down into 5 successive phases in time: 1) assistance in developing the purchasing strategy; 2) assistance in drafting the technical and financial documents of the consultation file; 3) assistance with the procurement procedure; 4) balance sheet and closure assistance for the energy performance market; 5) assistance in monitoring the establishment and start-up of the new market.
It has also seen the launch of successive phases in developments like Aykon City, Ghalia and Akoya Oxygen.
The successive phases, including West Azeri and East Azeri as Phase-II, came on stream in 2006 and 2007 respectively.
There is also a plan to expand distribution of the supplement across the UAE in successive phases, officials said.
The fourth and final chapter of the book provides a set of methodological guidelines and community dynamics that facilitate participatory evaluation in its successive phases of development.
That's certainly been the primary attacking strategy during the Gatland era, where it's been all about imposing increasing pressure on defences through successive phases and successive thrusts by big powerful men out wide.
Damascus, SANA-Venezuela's Ambassador in Damascus Emad Sa'ab affirmed that the unsuccessful coup attempt, carried out by the Venezuelan opposition on February 12 th and plotted, funded and sponsored by the US has come through a number of successive phases at the hands of Imperialism and US intelligence.
One fundamental aspect of these ecosystems is that they are "sticky" environments in which talent and capital are retained and recycled into successive phases of innovation and commercial development.
SEED Placement League will run in three (03) successive phases for five (05) assessment domains.
Genre" becomes "the frame through which to study successive phases in a discourse's history" (15), or "a lens through which to examine discourse" (22); genre is set up to function "as a prism through which to view .
Phase I of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Solar Park will yield 10 MW by 2013 and the project will be scaled-up in successive phases to produce 1,000 MW by 2030, a statement said.
Phase I of the solar park will yield 10MW by 2013 and the project will be scaled-up in successive phases to produce 1,000MW by 2030.

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