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At length, after another interval of successorship to Mrs Bangham, he found a pursuit for himself, and announced it.
We are experienced in counseling employers during major corporate changes, such as mergers, acquisitions, shutdowns or relocations, in an effort to limit withdrawal liability from multi-employer pension funds, and in dealing with successorship obligations.
The implementation, which occurred on April 15, has also meant that the nurses have not been able to bargain over other key issues, including contract language specific to scheduling, layoffs, and successorship standards.
The volume concludes with three chapters on the rights of individual workers, bargaining relations in transition, and successorship.
Whether you are single, married, or a surviving widow, it is in your best interest to receive as much education as possible about wealth planning" investments, successorship, and related matters.
The court also did not have a lot of guidance from other courts; only one other federal appellate court in the nation (the 6th Circuit) had analyzed the successorship inquiry under the FMLA (http://tinyurl.
In the meantime, however, the union has sent a letter to ExpressJet Holdings' management, stating that in order to win the support of its members the deal must result in a profitable airline that provides long-term stability and progressive career potential; must fully honour the scope and successorship provision of the collective bargaining agreement; management must commit to negotiating a joint collective bargaining agreement with all involved parties that benefits all pilots; and there must be a fair and equitable seniority list integration.
Union officials said they were pleased to get a successorship clause included in the contract, so that if Wayzata sells the mill, the new owners would be obliged to abide by the existing contract for the term of the agreement and workers would keep their jobs.
A successorship plan has been put into place, with key employees regularly being identified for promotion.
139) The key provisions of AB 1688 are the registration requirements, (140) including fee collection (141) and establishment of a surety bond, creation of the Car Wash Worker Restitution Fund and Car Wash Worker Fund, (142) the successorship provision, (143) and the record keeping provision.
The language has been removed that formerly required that all penalties and interest collected for State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) dumping activities be expended solely for prevention, detection, and collection activities related to evasion of the successorship provisions, and for no other purposes.