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said Cora, advancing from the place where natural horror had, until this moment, held her riveted to the rock; "the path is open on every side; fly, then, to the woods, and call on God for succor.
Niece, you are president of the Maternity Society; you must succor that poor girl, who will now find it difficult to marry.
Nor was it from caprice we asked the question, for there is a wounded and dying man who demands the succor of the church.
What are kings made for, save to succor the feeble and distressed?
With all their eagerness to arrive within reach of succor, such was their feeble and emaciated condition, that they advanced but slowly.
The latter came to the succor of his master, saying, "Accompanying monsieur l'abbe for several reasons, only the house is easily to be known, the `Image-de-Notre-Dame' in the front, a garden, the only one in the quarter, behind.
A momentary joy was diffused through the camp, for they supposed succor to be at hand.
The foremost fugitives must, ere this, have carried tidings of our fatal battle to the frontiers, and parties will be out to succor those in like condition with ourselves.
You have forgotten a wretch who tried to abduct you one night, a wretch to whom you rendered succor on the following day on their infamous pillory.
When the expedition returned, following their fruitless endeavor to succor D'Arnot, Captain Dufranne was anxious to steam away as quickly as possible, and all save Jane had acquiesced.
Aramis, pale and downcast, between two flambeaux, showed himself at the window which looked into the principal court, full of soldiers waiting for orders and bewildered inhabitants imploring succor.
For Thou art the defense, the succor, and the victory of them that put their trust in Thee, and to Thee be all glory, to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, now and forever, world without end.