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The Chief Minister stressed upon Assembly Members and PML-N office-bearers to collect maximum donations for the provision of help and succor to Pakhtun IDPs and spare no effort to mitigate their sufferings.
The Perpetual Succor Hospital says the methane is being harvested for cooking, since February, and that it intends to start using it to power the laundry rooms.
Idealistic representations of the UGRR exaggerate the succor fugitives actually received, and the overwhelming circumstances that surrounded the majority of slaves.
By the measure of fidelity to his Christ-centered beliefs, Hauerwas is steadfast, whether as an intellectual trading in the nuanced language of theology, or as a member of his local Durham, North Carolina, parish that comes together for the succor of liturgy, community, and prayer.
The giant can kill terrorist leaders and those who succor them.
Erik, one of two people of color among the leads, lends support and succor to his fellow students while they are running around having dates.
The decision of the Luxembourg-based court is likely to provide succor to private broadcasters across the EU, many of whom have long contended that pubcasters are abusing their position by using coin provided by the state to finance commercial TV ambitions.
The obvious explanation is that Langley may not yet have its own Feminist Karate Union, so the organizer of the protest was forced to seek aid and succor from far-flung allies.
The new courthouse and office project would also provide succor to the voters and corporate tenants of Downtown Brooklyn from the higher-office hungry Mayor.
This absence results in a failure to discuss whether such regulations impoverished the rural poor in an attempt to secure urban peace, or even whether they offered any significant succor to the urban poor in times of dearth.
Furnace, indentured slave, godling -- the sun knew much, and refused all succor.