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In the late summer of 2003, with endangered suckerfish now showing up dead in the river, the Bureau of Reclamation warned Klamath farmers it might have to again curtail their irrigation allotments.
This has been confirmed by a National Academy of Sciences report, which observed (in the words of Fox News) that the suckerfish "doesn't need as much water as previously thought.
This past year, a Bureau of Reclamation biological report affirmed that suckerfish need a certain level of water in which to live and reproduce.
These refuges are home not only to the aforementioned suckerfish, salmon, and bald eagles, but to many other species as well, including mule deer, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, numerous species of migratory birds, and one of only two populations of white pelicans in California.
Her 5ft long tank held four Oscar fish, a suckerfish and Kipper the catfish, which were each around 10 inches long.
The hot, dry summer of 2001 already had witnessed the spectacle of enraged local farmers breaking open irrigation channels, pitting their interests against the fate of a short-nosed suckerfish and the Endangered Species Act.