sudden force

See: impulse
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She did say this as plainly as a frank and flashing glance could, but in a moment the glow of her complexion, the radiance of her aspect, had subsided; if strongly conscious of her talents, she was equally conscious of her harassing defects, and the remembrance of these obliterated for a single second, now reviving with sudden force, at once subdued the too vivid characters in which her sense of her powers had been expressed.
The sudden force can have a whiplash effect, causing both back and neck pain.
It writes over itself every 30 seconds unless a sudden force from hard braking, cornering or a collision triggers an "event.
This sudden force causes the pins inside the lock to jump up long enough for the cylinder to rotate, unlocking the door and leaving no trace of entry.
with sudden force, lights Flickering inside--go on, say it-- Souls.
The reality of what had just occurred struck me with sudden force.
It can come and go with the sudden force of changed circumstance, uncontrollable events or simple mismanagement.
6-magnitude earthquake rattled the Oxnard area Monday afternoon, hitting with a sudden force but bringing no known damages.
A ligament is inelastic and extra strong, but if subjected to a sudden strain or sudden force it ruptures and tears.